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"So, these people literally just talked nonsense, confused the hell outta you and Lukas, and just left?"

I looked over at Callie. "Yea. It was weird."

The token redhead and I were walking down a busy street in Mega City. Crowds of friends like ours kept going back and forth, chatting and shopping.

"Well, have you seen them again since then?" Callie asked.

"Nope. Not a glimpse. Think they went to the nuthouse?"

"Or they became storytellers. Their stories could actually be quite interesting." Callie shrugged. She glanced across the street, and stopped, seeing two men, one younger than the other with blue and white armor. "Hey, who are those guys? Going to a convention or something?"

I stopped, looking back. "Who?"

"Those weirdly-dressed men." Callie pointed, and I followed her gaze to Jesse and Ivor.

Jesse noticed us as I said, "Hey, those are the guys I was talking about!" I crossed my arms as Jesse stopped Ivor. "Guess they didn't go the nuthouse, after all..." Jesse pointed at Callie for some reason, saying something to Ivor. They both looked at her. "Uh..."

"Are they looking at me?" Callie looked at me as Ivor pulled out...something dark green in a curved bottle. "Did I ever do something to them?"

I yelled out as Ivor threw the bottle. "CALLIE, DUCK!"

"Huh?" Callie looked, and ducked as the bottle flew over her head. "Whoa!" She watched as it crashed into a person, and gasped when the person fell on the ground, choking, then finally dying. "Was that...poison!?"

"...Okay, maybe we shouldn't be throwing potions at Cassie in a crowded area," Jesse hissed to Ivor as the whole area began to scramble, screaming.

"Noted," Ivor replied.

"Apparently, you pissed them off!" I began running. "Let's get outta here!" Callie followed.

"C'mon!" Jesse drew a bright blue, enchanted diamond sword, following us. "She's getting away!"

Ivor followed. "How is Cassie here?! Did she get the flint and steel from Stampy?! And where's her cat?!"

"I guess the Endermites got to Winslow while Cassie managed to escape and take Stampy's flint and steel...But that doesn't matter! What matters is that Cassie is on the run, and we need to stop her!" Jesse pulled ahead. "Come on! We're going to lose her!"

Meanwhile, Callie and I darted into an alley. We ducked into the shadows, panting. "Well...That was...Quite a hello..." I groaned, pushing the hair out of my face. "What is their goddamn problem...?"

"Think we lost them...?" Callie looked out the alley.

I looked, too. No one was there. "Yea. I think we did."

"Wrong!" We froze, then turned to look at Jesse and Ivor entering in the opposite direction. We all pulled out weapons, Ivor a silver sword, Callie her butterfly knife, and me my scythe. "Lucy, you're hanging with the wrong kind of people! That's a murderer you're standing next to!"

Callie glanced at me. "But the only people I've killed are..."

"OH! THAT makes more sense!" I growled, turning back. "You're one of THEM, sent to kill us!"

"Them? Wait-" Jesse looked at Ivor.

"Well, I honestly thought we could be buddies, Jesse." I lifted my scythe.

"Wait-Jesse! The alternate person theory! With Lukas!" Ivor hissed.

"Oh my god, you're absolutely right!" Jesse looked shocked. "Could this Cassie be innocent?"

"Well, she did openly admit to killing..."

"What if they were some sort of...I don't know, evil organization?" Jesse suggested, shrugging a shoulder. "Lucy does seem like a nice person, and seems to be against THEM, too. Well, whoever they are."

"..." Ivor nodded, then sheathed his sword. "I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding."

"A misunderstanding?!" Callie snarled. "You tried to kill me!"

"We thought you were someone else!" Jesse defended.

"If there was a criminal that looked like Callie, trust me. I would know."

Jesse and Ivor looked at each other, then looked back. "Callie?" Ivor asks.

"Yea. Callie. Callie Rose. The human Maverick Hunter inventor. Brains of the rebel group against the Reapers. Honestly, you Reapers should know this stuff." Callie crossed her arms.

"That proves it. You're not Cassie."

"Who's Cassie?" I asked.

"Cassie Rose was a murderer. She killed people we knew, named TorqueDawg, Captain Sparklez, and Lizzie." Jesse looked away, crossing his arms. "We thought we had offed her...But we thought wrong when we saw your friend, Callie." Jesse looked back. "Trust me when I say we are VERY sorry."

"...Apology accepted. I guess." Callie looked away.

"...Weeell. This has been...One awkward reuniting with buddies." I grinned cheesily. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to call it a day, for once."

"I agree on that notion, Lucy." Ivor nodded.

"Well...Bye, I guess?" Callie turned, walking away. "Don't try and kill me the next time we meet!"

"We won't!" Jesse joked, waving goodbye.

I smirked. "Byeeee!" I turned to leave, then clutched my head, groaning a little. After a moment, I shook it and followed Cassie.

"...Ivor, did that...Reploid...just get a migraine?"

"Reploids can get migraines...How fascinating...I want to learn everything this world has to offer before we head back!" Ivor grinned, turning and walking out of the alley. Jesse sighed, but still smiled, following him.

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